You have to identify what you want on the back end. Where do I want to be in 5 years? What kind of career do I want to have? Where do I want to live?


Only you can answer these questions yourself. Only one person can live your life and its the ugly face you see in the mirror everyday – you have to lead yourself to the promised land. You have to develop your own commander’s intent.


ADRP 6-0: The commander’s intent is a clear and concise expression of the purpose of the operation and the desired military end state that supports mission command, provides focus to the staff, and helps subordinate and supporting commanders act to achieve the commander’s desired results without further orders, even when the operation does not unfold as planned (JP 3-0). The higher commander’s intent provides the basis for unity of effort throughout the larger force. Each commander’s intent nests within the higher commander’s intent.

So first and foremost, you have to DECIDE on what you want.

As a former fire supporter, this ties in nicely with the Army’s prescribed targeting methodology: decide, detect, deliver, assess or D3A.


Once you have completed that step, once you have made your decision to get out of the military the real work begins.